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Saturday, April 09, 2005

musical shivers

It's been a while since I've written. We've been moving (packing, carrying, unpacking); work's been insane; I snuck up to Tahoe to catch Cheese play, scoring some good photos (29th - 30th), which found their ways onto On The Road covers (29th front - 29th back - 30th back); we squeezed in a Hot Buttered Rum show (pics); and saw my second Yonder show last night.

And then I woke up this morning, set up my computer, and tested it by heading to livemusicblog.com. Justin's got a very cool thing going on over there, and I suggest that live music fans (of the jamband breed, in particular) head over there. (Another good music site, which I've been meaning to plug for a while, is themusicneverstopped.net. Lots of goodies over there, along with very cool podcasts.) I've never met Justin or Mike before, but, based on the e-mails we've exchanged, they strike me as very cool, very smart, and very dedicated people.

But I digress. The subject of this post is MUSICAL SHIVERS. And here's the scoop. Justin wrote:

There have been many instances in my life where music has actually sent chills down my spine. Deep chills. Wonderful chills. When was the last time this happened to you? The first time?
Insired, I wrote a lengthy response, which you can find here: musical shivers.


justin said...


I can imagine how sweet it would be to attend that show with your friends at that moment. I saw STS9 very shortly after this and it wasn't as good as their one-set, one disc opener at Red Rocks. I have that on disc, too.

Funny story about Valley of the Jig, it is one of my favorite songs on Untying the Not. Well, when we went to Bonnaroo, String Cheese Incident was definitely one of the bands that I want to hit. Due to the heat, my early sunburn (total festival faux pas), we were even late to appear to String Cheese's set (which was early evening, once the sun finally subsided). They were really the first band in the festival that I really wanted to see. Screw Wilco on the MAIN STAGE. Screw Chris Robinson's New Earth Mud (although I did catch ten minutes of them and I was impressed). String Cheese just happened to be the first.

Fast forward to our spot search...

We eye a spot in the grass that must be five miles from the String Cheese stage. If you don't believe, check this out. I've already missed half their set. I'm tired. I'm sunburnt. I'm drunk. Then, they start Jig. It must have been two minutes after I hit my seat. Perfect timing. It was ONE of the only things I really wanted to hear. Hell, it was my first time seeing SCI. Unfortunately, I still have not made the SCI shows that come up in the city; everytime I've got something else that I'm seeing first or some other thing that doesn't allow me to fully devote myself to them.

But, that Jig saved me. It reminded me of why I was there, who I was there with (my wife was so happy for me that they played that song), etc. etc.

It was awesome...

Now, the rest of Bonnaroo, not good for me. Check out Katie's thoughts on our trip.

6:47 AM  
joe said...

Great synopsis of the SCI Red Rocks experience. I think shivers usually happen for me when two people both have separate jaw dropping musical experiences, and then they notice that the other is in the same boat. I'd add that sometimes bands have that on stage, and when a band has a special moment and look out at thousands of jaws that also have dropped, it's pretty clear everyone's in the same boat.

2:17 PM  
joe said...

which now that I think about it, is some of the greatness of your photos gromf. Seeing someone in a band in an intense musical experience and also having an intense experience listening to them is what "shivers" is all about.

2:19 PM  

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